What are the properties and performance of an enzymatic toner – Skin 79 Micro Cleansing Water?

We all would like to have a beautiful and neat face skin. And what do we do? We use lots of cleansing cosmetics, undergo cosmetic treatments, use accessories which are supposed to make our face pretty. But it would be enough to try an enzymatic Skin 79 Micro Cleansing Water.

Enzymatic cosmetics, including Skin 79 Micro Cleansing Water, contain plant ingredients which have exfoliating properties. How do these substances work? They smoothen the fine lines, purify the skin pores, lighten the discolouration and remove dead skin cells. They moisturize the face and make it look fresh and young. What’s more, they protect the skin from UV radiation, pollution and premature ageing. Which ingredients of Skin 79 Micro Cleansing Water are responsible for such effects? The enzymatic toner contains the extracts from cherry, water lily, rose and lotus flower as well as papain and bromelain. The last two substances dissolve peptide bonds, allowing for more effective smoothing and cleansing of the epidermis.

How to use the enzymatic Skin 79 Micro Cleansing Water?

You apply the cosmetic every evening after the thorough make-up removal. It’s important to cleanse the skin from any coloured cosmetics before the application. During the application, you must omit the areas of eyes and lips. It’s worth to leave the toner for a few minutes to allow for the absorption and more effective action. One package includes 200 ml of the liquid which provides around four-month treatment. Skin 79 Micro Cleansing Water is recommended for all skin types. Flower extracts will bring relief to sensitive, irritated and couperose skin.

You can complement your face care with a cleansing Skin 79 Micro Fresh Whip Foam. It removes make-up easily thanks to its creamy and delicate formula. It contains hyaluronic acid which moisturizes and soothes the skin. Also, the cosmetic is bactericidal and antiviral. That’s why the cosmetic is recommended to those who struggle with acne or serious skin diseases. What’s the application? You rub a small amount of the cosmetic into your hands and apply it to a damp face. Then, massage the face until you get a foam. Now your skin is clean as a whistle.

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