Lashcode. Mascara that reveals the secret of eyelash beauty

Lashcode is a mascara that reveals a new dimension of classic black colour and outstanding looks to all the women. This is an incredible mascara providing the unlimited possibilities of precise make-up and effective lash care.

Indeed, the ideal make-up won’t be complete without perfectly defined eyelashes. This is eye make-up that gifts face with more radiant look as it tops up the entire make-up. A mascara that gives the immediate possibility to bring out the beauty of your look and maintains this effect for long is all you needed. Therefore, Lashcode mascara is every woman’s best friend. What’s behind this revolution?


Lashcode is the precise mascara that provides long-lasting and intensive eye make-up. The feature that makes the mascara stand out is it’s adjusted shape that matches our eyelashes. This beauty product shapes eyes, makes eyelashes optically thicker at their roots and provides durable curl. Its performance is owned to the innovative applicator and the powdery formula. The silky mascara coats each and every hair, is good at separating eyelashes by boosting, at the same time, their volume. Moreover, the cosmetic makes  your eyes more visible with just one coating. Since Lashcode mascara reaches even the tiniest eyelashes located in the corners of the eyes, it’s able to provide intensified extension and thickness. It’s a classic black colour yet in modern, very feminine version.


Mascara Lashcode knows the code to feminine beauty. The key to revealing the secret is the mascara’s precise applicator. The exceptional comfort of application is due to the ergonomic Lashcode spiral made of the highest quality silicone. Its shape, length and width of bristle were designed to make the wand separate lashes ideally and coat all the hair with velvet formula without leaving them clumped together – it’s possible just with one brush glide.

Revolutionary Lashcode spiral enables to obtain the perfect eye make-up thanks to the silicone bristle of various lengths:

  • the mid-part ideally coats the longest and the thinnest lashes with pitch-black colour,
  • the pointed tip easily reaches even the shortest eyelashes growing in the corners of the eyes,
  • the spiral of appropriate size facilitates coating lower eyelashes.


Lashcode mascara presents women with a new dimension of eye make-up thanks to two factors. The final effect is influenced not only by the perfectly-designed spiral, but also by the velvet formula with powdery pigments developed by professional specialists. Lashcode is a mascara guaranteeing the effect of pitch-black eyelashes full of vitality owned to the set of natural care substances. Lashcode is more than just make-up. It contains the best conditioning and growth stimulating substances including soy and wheat shoot extracts, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and arginine.

LASHCODE is everything you need to astonish with your look every single day.

23 Comments “Lashcode. Mascara that reveals the secret of eyelash beauty”

  1. Yzzee23

    nooooo…!!!! And I haven’t this mascara yet??!

  2. Modern_Walking

    #1 for me! It creates the impression of thicker and extended lashes; the effect lasts long. Mascara doesn’t flake off. It gives me everything I want to be given by a mascara

    • Marlenn

      and on the top of that this mascara is also a conditioner 🙂 it’s also my #1

  3. miss.insomnia

    recently i read a review on this mascara on some blog and the coments below were positive

  4. MaBaker

    I bought this mascara after seeing it on my friend’s lashes and at the begining I was sceptical that the conditioning substances would work but after a few weeks I noticed that my lashes are neither dehydrated nor brittle any longer 🙂

    • HeartBeat

      I haven’t been using the mascara long enough to notice my lashes being in better state but finally I’ve a mascara that doesnt crumble off or create ‘panda’ effect 🙂

  5. Wanted&Dangerous

    It defines eyelashes incredibly and you don’t even need to follow with an eyeliner, this mascara does the work. It’s worth the price 🙂

  6. Gloria_98

    It’s the 1st time I’ve heard about this mascara LOL

  7. World_Citizen

    The best silicone brush I’ve ever used! It separates lashes also when coated with a few layers of the mascara

    • 321zero

      all silicone brushes are good.

  8. Moscow_Chick

    a very good mascara, indeed, but is it truly that superb?

  9. EllieKing

    beautifil tube – so plain and so elegant

  10. Katy'sCat

    One of few to not give me allergy. It happened that even hypoallergenic mascara caused irritations to my eyes but with this one everything’s great. And the effect is suberb!!

    • Ana.Bella

      it’s actually good news for me. I was so excited about
      this mascara, but have sensitive skin and I get allergy
      constantly. I don’t want to buy another mascara just to
      have to put it away

  11. Lovely D.

    great pigmentation, deep matte black color and all
    day long durability. Must have indeed!!

    • nyan

      waiting for other colors of lashcode 🙂

  12. Nathalie321

    easy and even application. I put on two layers because I like really emphasized eyes. Wand
    grabs even short lashes that is why the effect is so great. For sure i’ll be buying another one.

  13. Ziggy

    Is there waterproof version?

    • in_flames

      Don’t think so but still it is extra durable 🙂 though I’d not wear it to the pool 😉

  14. NandineE

    got it as a gift and i’m delighted, all the great thing you write are true. Only drawback is the price 🙁 sadly not very approachable…

    • Nathalie321

      sadly it is not, but is real good and efficient, so you have to invest in it every few months. I have mine for 4 months now.

  15. Milene

    Well, for me it works but is not a revelation. There’s nothing I could really complain about, but all that admiration is too much…

  16. Vanessa98

    just ordered it and really hope it’ll be as good as most of you say here


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