How to Keep Hair Ends from Splitting?

Hair is exposed to damage every day. The hair ends suffer the most because they are the most delicate and easily damaged. How to keep them safe and prevent splitting?

There are plenty of remedies keeping hair from splitting. Everyone can do it their own way. We must remember, though, that different hair may be more resistant to damage or more fragile. This means hair needs customized care. We must match the products and actions to our needs, and the big rule says:


This means that the basic step involves ensuring moisture and nourishment, but also avoiding all the things that may make hair worse. See the best ways to protect it.

How to protect the hair ends?

1. Cut down on heat styling.

Blow-dryer, flat iron, curling wand – these tools do more harm than good. Hair doesn’t like high temperatures and each heat-styling session deprives it of a portion of moisture. Water evaporates from hair together with the nutritional ingredients. The structures are ruined, strands break and split. This is one of the consequences of heat-styling overuse.

2. If you heat-style, remember about heat protection.

Obviously, you don’t need to go to extremes. Use a blow-dryer or flat iron from time to time, but always remember to secure the hair against heat and minimize the damage as much as possible. How to do it exactly? Set lower temperature, never the maximum. Before getting hold of a dryer or other device, apply a small amount of hair oil or a protective spray-on mist.

3. Comb your hair gently, never when it’s wet.

You can cause hair ends to split while combing! Particularly if your hair is in a poor condition and gets frizzy easily. Every attempt to comb out tangled strands by force, tugging and pulling, may end up in hair breakage and loss. Split ends are often caused by brushing wet hair which is the most delicate and easily damaged. Ideally, comb your hair before shampooing and then run your fingers through the hair after washing or use a wooden wide-tooth comb. Note! Firstly, apply a leave-in conditioner or hair oil for easier brushing.

4. Don’t wear wet or loose hair to sleep.

We rarely realize that hair ends often split and break during sleep. How come?! Strands brush against the bedsheets suffering from physical damage. The risk of splitting is higher when you go to sleep with wet – and more delicate – hair. The solution is very simple: go to sleep with a messy bun or braid. You can also avoid the nighttime hair damage by replacing your pillowcase for a satin one which is gentle on the strands.

5. Use hair oils.

Using natural vegetable oils is a good way to prevent splitting. Cottonseed, argan and jojoba oils are the most popular to use on hair ends but you can actually get any oil if it’s organic, cold-pressed and unrefined. Oils are emollient substances so they envelope the hair and lock moisture inside, plus some of them are natural sunscreens.

6. Protect your hair against physical damage.

There are lots of situations and day-to-day actions that cause splitting, including letting hair down, the wind which causes tangling and makes strands catch on clothes, plus hats and scarves which make hair look worse but also ruin the hair through brushing against its structure. The sunlight and humidity weaken the hair too. To keep ends from splitting we must focus on protecting the hair using hair oil, but also tie hair up whenever hair is likely to suffer e.g. during a workout.

7. Trim the ends regularly.

This may sound weird but trimming hair regularly is a good idea to avoid splitting. Hot scissors are cut out for this purpose! This tool ensures precise trimming without ragged ends. The procedure leaves hair more resistant to damage so it’s good to get it done at times.

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