Tan without sun? Not a problem for Lancome Bronzer

Belle de Teint Elixir bronzer by Lancome has been created for special tasks. It provides body and face skin with natural tan. The product has been made for women who can hardly wait for summer. Check the opinions about Belle de Teint Elixir.

Before we get a real and natural suntan, Belle de Teint Elixir bronzer will do the trick. The cosmetic gives our body and face skin natural shade. It normalizes colouration, covers imperfections and delivers attractive and healthy look. What is more, it smooths, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. However, the most imortant thing is glow – Lancome’s Belle de Teint Elixir bronzer contains glistening pigments.

Lancome’s Belle de Teint Elixir bronzer is in a glass bottle with a pump. There are three shades to choose from: brown 01 Glow Vanille, light pink 02 Glow Orchidee and gold 03 Glow Jungle. Surely every woman will get the one that suits her. The only thing we should bear in mind is proper application. We can use a brush or a sponge. It’s a good idea to do a thorough exfoliating scrub before the application. In this way, smooth and clean skin will be better prepared for bronzing make up. We start application from the central parts of the face and then move on to cheeks, lower jaw and temples. We should be very careful to avoid smudges, stains or so called mask effect. Before applying the Lancome bronzer to our body, we should warm it up in our hands. As a result, the cosmetic becomes more ductile and the application is much shorter and comfotable. After several minutes, the skin soaks up the product: wait a moment to avoid dirty clothes.

On the Internet there are various opinions about self-tanners and bronzers. Some poeple are delighted, others just the opposite – they think the application is troublesome. Before buying Lancome’s Belle de Teint Elixir, it’s a good idea to read the product description, take a look at beauty and make up forums and learn about the opinions of other users. Belle de Teint Elixir may prove to be your beloved product which you won’t ever replace with a different one.

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