A way to radiant skin: Flavo-C Serum from Auriga

Flavo-C Serum 2Fresh and radiant skin? Yes, it’s possible! All you need to do is use serum Flavo-C from Auriga. Let’s see how this cosmetic work. You will be convinced that beautiful and young face can have even mature woman.

Serum Flavo-C from Auriga is recommended to everyone who deal with various skin imperfections. Effects of treatment with the product will be satisfying mostly to those women who observed first signs of ageing. And so, treatment with this cosmetic is recommended for women who deal with discolourations, scars, dull and fatigued skin and dark circles around the eyes. Furthermore, Flavo-C Serum from Auriga is suitable for people over 25 years old. Why? They can undergo the treatment to not allow the wrinkles and age spots to appear. This product is dedicated also for smokers and people working in the air-conditioned rooms. If you love long sun bathes then Flavo-C from Auriga can come handy to you as well.

What are the effects of treatment with Flavo-C from Auriga?

Skin will become more radiant, fresh and beautiful. It will regain its natural glow and most of all imperfections will disappear. The cosmetic perfectly flattens wrinkles, makes skin smooth, strengthens blood vessels and reduces free radicals. Such a great properties of the product are possible thanks to its content. In the cosmetic composition you can find two active and fully natural ingredients: vitamin C and Ginkgo biloba extract.

Use of Flavo-C Serum from Auriga is super easy. One or two drops administer on clean and dry skin of face. With your fingertips massage cosmetic until it absorbs entirely. Application should be repeated every evening. The bottle is equipped with a pipette. What is more, you can choose out of 15 ml/0.5 oz. or 30 ml/1.1 oz. packagings. For even better results you can complement treatment with moisturising cream Flavo-C.

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