Most common questions regarding hair oiling. What is the best hair oil?

Ever since hair oil treatment has become so popular, there are more and more questions arising. Which oil will be the best? How to do it properly? How often? Below, you will find the answers to the most common questions regarding this type of hair care.

We all like to broaden our minds. We want to know more and more about hair oils and how to use them. All, to make the daily routine easier and more pleasant. This is the right direction. It would be best if natural methods of hair treatment were implemented into your hair routine for good. It will be beneficial not only for the hair looks but also the health.

· What is hair oiling like?

Hair oiling is a beautifying and regenerating treatment. Thanks to the regular use of natural oils and to applying them to the scalp, your hair is nourished, stronger, and properly moisturised. Hair oiling can be done in several ways.

· What are hair oiling methods? 

Natural oils or products based on oils can be applied to dry hair, but perform better when applied to damp strands. If you wish to use a light oil, it can be applied to washed hair. Rich and thicker oils are recommended to use before shampooing. In order to obtain maximum effects, you can perform hair oiling throughout the night. The second option is to go for hot oil treatment – apply a warmed up oil. Other methods are oiling in a bowl or with a conditioner. The final choice of the method is entirely up to you.

· Which oil to choose?

There is no one ideal oil for everyone. Choosing the oil depends on the hair type (its porosity – damage level). Frizzy hair will be in need of a different type of oil than, for instance, oily hair. Firstly, you should determine the aim of your care to make the selection process easier. There are many websites devoted to this topic.

· How frequently should I perform hair oil treatment?

It is best to do it at every hair wash because with this type of treatment regularity is the key to success. You can create your own schedule to suit your needs and abilities, for example, once a week.

· How much oil should I use at once?

This also depends on many factors: the thickness, length of the hair, the density of the oil, the method you go for. It is worth remembering that the rule saying ‘the more the better’ does not apply in this case. Using too much oil can overburden the hair and increase oiliness. Usually, a hazelnut amount of oil will suffice.

· Are oils better than other cosmetics?

Natural methods of hair care are better because they provide the hair with only essential nutrients. There is no threat of irritations because natural substances do not contain any preservatives, alcohols, parabens and other harmful substances. This does not mean that hair oiling is better than using a regular hair conditioner. Oil can be used as an alternative or supplementation of standard care. It all depend on you.