Moroccan Argan oil – how to maintain the beauty of hair  

We are constantly looking for miraculous methods to prolong the youthful shine, resilience and natural colour of the hair. It is high time to make the wish come true – you only need oil properly matched to a particular hair type, for example, the liquid gold straight from Morocco – Argan oil. 

Morocco is the place where you will find everything you think of – breathtaking mountains, marvellous beaches, treacherous deserts, and an interesting architecture. But that is not all. In the northwestern part of Africa, over the Atlantic Ocean, there are natural plantations of argan trees. Thier kernels are used to obtain the most popular cosmetic ingredient – Argan oil. 

How does Argan oil work?

It is a natural elixir of youth because it improves hydration, regenerates and protects against factors responsible for ageing. The properties of Argan oil can be divided into those related to the influence on the skin and on the hair.

In the first case, cold-pressed Argan oil can improve firmness, get rid of dark under eye circles, minimize acne, boost healing, reduce stretch marks and discolouration. It is a versatile product, therefore, it will be suitable as a make-up primer, or cream/balm replacement.

In recent months, Argan oil has been mainly used in hair care. It is probably connected to the popular method of hair treatment – hair oiling. Argan oil is mostly recommended to the owners of weaken, dull, frizzy, styled, prone to splitting hair. However, it will work well for all hair types as long as it is combined with different oils matching other types of hair. Nevertheless, if used on a regular basis, Argan oil will:

– provide in-depth regeneration, prevent dehydration,

– reinforce, prevent hair loss, promote hair growth,

– protect against high temperature and solar radiation,

– smooth, prevent frizz.