Way to make your hair shiny and beautiful? Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

As a matter of fact people have been looking for a way to bring out beauty of their hair almost since time immemorial. After all, hair is considered as our finest decoration. The truth is, even our Egyptian ancestors had their own beauty routines and practised hair combing at bedtime. Today, reaching for Dove Pure Care Dry Oil for all hair types is considered as a better solution. What does it have inside?

Most women associate Dove hair products with heavy silicones, which are common for this brand’s cosmetics. Does it also apply to Pure Care Dry Oil collection? It all depends on the product since we can choose among cosmetics such as shampoo, conditioner, mask or hair oil, which you can build your own set from. The most willingly chosen hair product is the last one, which contains natural oils of exceptionally precious features.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil – Zoom in on the composition

Supporters of light and natural oils may be discontented with the ingredients Pure Care Dry Oil is made of. The basic version of this cosmetic, the main substance of which is posed by African macadamia oil (there is also a version with Anatolian pomegranate oil), contains paraffin and silicones as well as alcohols, but in definitely lower concentration. However, of greater importance are five natural oils, despite the already mentioned macadamia oil, of course. These are coconut oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, pomegranate oil.

Oil for all hair types by Dove – How does it work?

The product is destined to treat hair no matter of its colour, kind or problems. Therefore, this is a highly universal oil hair serum the main concern of which is to nourish, add softness and smoothness. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil can be applied before or after washing; it can also be used as an add-in ingredient of a conditioner or mask. The oil is lightweight and non-overburdening because it penetrates hair without any trouble, if applied in moderation. Finally, if used on the regular basis, the cosmetic regenerates hair, smooths it and restores natural shine to the strands.