Oils vs. Yeast in hair care – effective methods of boosting hair growth

Studies show, that there are two main factors that encourage women to explore the topic of hair care. Oils, masks, conditioners seem to be the salvation whenever the hair condition deteriorates or whenever we want to speed up its growth. There are many ways to boost hair growth process. Allow me to introduce you to the most popular ones. 

Hair has its genetically defined growth cycle. For some people, it can be longer and for others, shorter. Therefore, for each and every one of us, the maximum length of hair will be different. However, bear in mind, that hair left to grow on its own without any type of care will grow a lot slower and will be weaker. That is why regular treatments and improving the growth with the aid of natural methods is so important. What are the best ways to grow hair?

Yeast to boost hair growth

This ingredient is present in nearly every kitchen. Yeast can be used not only to prepare pizza dough. Yeast is the underrated source of amino acids, minerals (zinc, selenium, copper) and vitamins (biotin and the B group) that are necessary for proper hair care. Regular use of yeast will:

– regulate processes in the scalp,     

– nourish, reinforce and improve shine,

– stimulate hair bulbs, increase hair growth 

Oils to boost hair growth 

If the taste or smell of yeast is not something you like, you do not have to stick to this particular method. Check out which are the best oils that will promote hair growth and choose the one suitable for you. Hair oiling is a more effective and definitely more pleasant treatment. Additionally, oils give us a diversity of use and a much better smell. 


– reinforce hair follicles and boost hair growth,

– contribute to the growth of the so-called ‘baby hair’,

– inhibit hair loss thanks to which increase density,

– balance scalp pH and soothe irritation,

– protect hair from harmful factors, 

– beautify through nourishment, hydration and regeneration.

Which oils work best in terms of hair growth? When it comes to a daily care cosmetics, always look for Castor oil that strengthens the bulbs, stimulates growth and adds shine. Castor oil used on its own gives great results but it is much better if you mix it with other oils and substances that regenerate hair and revitalize the follicles.