Styling Eyelashes at Home – Ranking of Lash Lift and Lamination Kits

Eyelash lift and lamination are methods of styling eyelashes that have recently been conquering beauty salons. More and more women are opting for them, as they enable you to work wonders with the lashes. Importantly, you don’t even need to visit a beauty salon to benefit from these treatments. All thanks to special kits for performing them at home. What is a lash lift, what is lash lamination, and how to perform them by yourself? Below is a summary of the most interesting kits that make it possible.

Lash lift and lamination – what do they consist of? Key information

To begin with, it is worth clarifying exactly the lash lift and lamination involve. These beauty treatments are completely non-invasive and involve working only with the natural eyelashes. During the process, false lash extensions are not used. Instead, they ensure you can bring out the maximum beauty from your natural lashes.

Lash lifting allows to lift and curl them properly. As part of it, the eyelashes get permanently reshaped. What is it about? Thanks to the use of appropriate formulas, the keratin bonds in the hair are dissolved, which increases their flexibility. Then, after giving them the right curl and lifting them, a special product is applied to the eyelashes, which rebuilds the keratin bonds. As a result, they remain curled and firmly lifted for many weeks.

What is eyelash lamination? This process is not significantly different from the lash lift. Usually, both treatments are performed simultaneously, as they complement each other perfectly. The lamination allows not only to lift the lashes and bring out their maximum curl. Following it, the eyelashes are also much better nourished, softer, more silky, and less prone to breakage. Lash lift and lamination also facilitate makeup application. After the treatment, mascara applies much easier. 

Eyelash lift sets – ranking of the most recommended kits

In the search for the best lash lamination kit, a ranking of seven selected sets can really be quite helpful. It includes a selection of various sets from popular brands that offer such product. Thus, every woman can find the right kit for herself. First, it is worth considering not only the price, but also the contents of each set and how much laminations is it enough for.

1. Nanolash lash lift and lamination kit

lash lift

The ranking of lift and lamination kits opens with a product from the Nanolash brand.

For years, this beauty brand has been trying to help women achieve a beautiful and healthy appearance of the natural eyelashes. To achieve this, Lash Lift Kit, the brand’s DIY eyelash kit, works great. 

As part of this kit, Nanolash provides all the necessary products and accessories needed to perform the lash lift and lamination. The set includes:

  • 10 sachets of activator (0.5 ml)
  • 10 sachets of neutralizer (0.5 ml)
  • 10 sachets of keratin booster (0.5 ml)
  • lash glue
  • 3 pairs of silicone rods
  • 3 lash combs

Thanks to them, any woman will manage to perform the lamination even without much experience. In addition, the manufacturer includes a simple instruction manual, which can also be found on the brand’s website, along with videos. As a result, with the kit from Nanolash you can easily perform an at-home lash lift. The result of such treatment? Visibly nourished and moisturized eyelashes, which are strongly curled and lifted from the very base additionally. 

2. Elleebana Lash Lift – lash lift starter kit

Up to lash 60 lifts with one set? It’s possible with the set from the Elleebana brand. This product allows you to perform up to 60 applications, but you need to remember that this may not always be possible. Such a large number of applicartions requires that they need to performed one after another. All because the kit contains 15 pairs of sachets with activator and neutralizer, each enabling up to 4 applications.

The kit contains more than just the products mentioned above. The Elleebana brand also provides a brush, metal applicator, silicone rods, glue with a separate brush, and a foam remover. An illustrated instruction manual will help less experienced women
 perform the treatment.

Deciding on the kit from Elleebana, however, you have to accept a rather high price. It is clearly higher than in the case of other sets. This professional lash lift kit naturally compensates for this with the ability to perform as many as 60 applications. For this reason, it can be a good choice for professional beauticians who are realistically able to carry out so many treatments.

3. RefectoCil Eyelash Lift

Fast-acting formulas that deliver results in as little as 13 minutes? The set from the RefectoCil brand provides that. The manufacturer ensured special formulas of Lashperm and neutralizer, so the lash lamination takes just a few minutes. Therefore, this lash lamination set is a good choice for women who care not only about looking beautiful, but also about time.

The packaging is another advantage of this set. This is because all the products come in a stylish makeup bag, which you can use later. Inside, there are the lifting and laminating products, a bottle of glue with a new formula, 3 pairs of silicone rods, and accessories including: an eyelash lifter, two mini cosmetic bowls, and two brushes.

4. Fleeky Lashlift Kit

An at-home lash lift kit that works well for just starting out? The product from the Fleeky brand might be a good choice. It comes in two sizes. The manufacturer has released a Mini and Maxi Kit. Both differ only in the number of products. The smaller set enables 2 to 4 applications. The larger one ensures from 5 to 10 lash laminations.

The small kit is really a great choice for just starting out. It comes at an attractive price, so it gives you a chance to try the lash lift and lamination even if you haven’t done them before. The kit contains everything needed to perform the treatment. Importantly, the products included in it are vegan and have not been tested on animals

5. Thuya lash lift kit

A set for lifting and laminating eyelashes that will last a long time. The product from the Thuya brand is distinguished by the number of products included in the set. This is because each of the three products comes in 15 milliliter bottles. They include, in turn, permanent gel, neutralizer, and glue. This makes them last for a really long time. 

In addition to the formulas themselves, the manufacturer has not forgotten about the accessories. Their selection is not particularly rich, but the pick and silicone rods, according to the manufacturer, are completely sufficient in this case. A small drawback is that the lifting rods in the set only come in M size. If you want smaller or larger rods, you need to buy them separately. 

6. MIYA LASH Keratin Lash Lift Kit

Beautifully lifted lashes for 6 weeks? The kit from Miya Lash provides this and many other benefits for women who want to change the look of their natural eyelashes. This is because in addition, the lashes are strongly curled, moisturized, and nourished. The product from the Miya brand is a multi-purpose kit that both beginners and professionals can use. 

Inside the set are all the products and accessories needed for the treatment. There is no shortage of silicone rods, lamination brushes, a special lifting pick, and eye patches. Of course, the kit also includes the necessary adhesive for lifting and laminating lashes.

Miya Lash also took care of proper formulas of the products. They are rich in active ingredients, including keratin. This will not only make your eyelashes look beautiful, but also make them much healthier and more resilient.

7. Brow lamination and lash lift kit – Protein Reconstruction System Zola

This set provides a completely different approach to eyelash lamination. This is what distinguishes the Brow&Lash Protein Reconstruction System by Zola. The manufacturer decided to offer a different form and instead of a huge set, you get a simple kit, which consists of only 3 bottles. They are applied to the eyelashes like mascara. In this way, lash lifting and lamination with this set does not require using silicone rods.

What productscome in the Zola brand’s kit? The kit for laminating eyelashes at home is created by 3 bottles for a 3-step process. The first is Protein Strong Lifting, the second is Protein Fixer, and the third is Protein Care. To enjoy the lifting effects, all you need to do is apply the prepared products one by one and remove them after certain time. Designed to lift and laminate eyelashes, this set is an interesting option for women looking for something completely different from traditional sets. 

Eyelash lamination – what to consider when choosing the right kit?

The above ranking highlights some interesting kits that are great for laminating eyelashes. What exactly should you consider when making the final decision? This depends primarily on personal preferences. Every woman is looking for something different in a kit. The price is a factor that is especially worth considering. There are different sets included the ranking, so it is worth thinking carefully about what your budget is. At the very beginning, it is better to choose a cheaper one in order to get some experience with eyelash lift and lamination without spending too much money.

Another very important aspect is, of course, the formula. You need to check it for products you are allergic. In addition, it is worth choosing kits that offer as many nutritious active ingredients as possible, which will ensure the proper condition of the lashes perfectly. 

Other things you should consider when choosing a kit for at-home eyelash lamination are, for example, the difficulty of the application, and the time required for it. The amount of treatments that can be performed with the kit’s contents also matters. In this regard, the sets differ greatly from each other, as some enable only 2 applications, while with others you can perform way more that that. However, more does not always mean better. After all, a huge set for many applications must be used up. Otherwise, some of the products may not be usable at all after a while.