Salon-Quality Lashes? Thanks To The At-Home Lash Lift And Lamination Kit From Nanolash, It’s Possible!

There is no denying that nowadays every woman dreams of perfect-looking, long, and thick eyelashes. They provide the most beautiful setting for the eyes. Using drugstore products, however, it’s impossible to achieve such effects. The Nanolash Lash Lift Kit for laminating and lifting eyelashes at home is a revolution!

Why is it worth performing a lash lift at home?

Lifting may be associated only with treatments that improve the face oval. However, most professional beauty salons are now offering eyelash lift and lamination! This is no joke! This is a non-invasive method that lengthens, thickens, and curls the lashes, giving them the desired shape.

What’s more, eyelash lamination also helps in their effective regeneration. The products used during the treatment are based on natural ingredients – exactly like those in the kit from Nanolash. They penetrate the structure of the lashes deeply and rebuild them from within.

Performing the lash lift and lamination at home allows you to achieve results similar to those from a salon while reducing the cost. Nanolash Lift Kit is a premium quality product. Its use is simple and safe, so any woman can revive her lashes without leaving home.

Nanolash Lift Kit – a product that can transform any gaze

Lifting lashes at home is possible! The Nanolash brand has made sure that every woman can carry out this treatment in her own house. The eyelash lift and lamination kit contains three products. They come in 10 x 0.5 milliliter sachets. This, in turn, ensures as many as 10 applications.

In addition, the kit also includes silicone rods, necessary accessories for performing the treatment, and an adhesive – Lash Lift Glue. With its help, you can glue the rods to the upper eyelid.

nanolash lift kit

Laminating eyelashes at home comes down to a few simple steps. Firstly, you need to separate the lower lashes from the upper ones, remembering that the lashes must be thoroughly cleaned. Then, you have to attach the rods with the lash glue included. The next step is to:

  • apply each product about 1 millimeter from the lash line and keep it on the lashes for about 7-10 minutes.
  • remember that before applying another product the previous one must be removed first;
  • thoroughly comb through the lashes during the application to coat them with the product from root to tip.

Once the at-home lash lamination is complete, all you need to do is remove the silicone rods. At this point, you will be able to notice a clear difference. The eyelashes will look:

  • optimally longer;
  • beautifully curled – depending on the size of the chosen rod;
  • thicker;
  • moisturized and regenerated.

According to what the manufacturer ensures, the effect can last up to 8 weeks. Nevertheless, everything depends on the original condition of the lashes. There is a good chance that subsequent laminations will last much longer as the lashes will be restored after the previous one.

lash lift at home

At-home eyelash lamination with the Nanolash kit – why should you try it?

It takes only a few moments to perform at-home eyelash lamination and lifting. It allows you to achieve spectacular results without leaving home. Nanolash Lift Kit is a professional product that can beliterally anyone. No need to worry about lack of experience – the instructions included in the box are simple and clear.

Laminating eyelashes at home can save your precious time during your morning makeup routine. It will no longer be necessary to use an eyelash curler or apply a dozen coats of mascara for optimal results.

Nanolash Lift Kit is a product that has revolutionized the world of styling eyelashes. Reconstructed, longer, curled, and thicker lashes are guaranteed from the first application. It is worth discovering it for yourself.