Oil in tube? L’Oreal Elseve – Magical Power of Essential Oils, Cream Oil

We get used to the fact that oil for hair care has consistency, appearance and smell of… well, oil.

L’Oreal decided to surprise us and released an unusual oil, because… in form of cream. It is a hair conditioner expected to have properties similar to oil, rather than hair balm. In other words, product is supposed to deeply regenerate instead of repairing superficial damages on the hair shaft. Is that really what happens?

Why would anyone create hair balm with oils? Is this really necessary to change something that in its structure, consistency and action is already perfect?

This question must be answered individually. We think of oil in cream from L’Oreal as an interesting cosmetic worth a try.

Product consists of 6 natural oils. Chamomile oil provides gloss and softens hair. Sunflower and rose oil are expected to nourish hair and ensure moisture and gloss. What is more, sunflower oil contains higher concentration of fatty acids omega-6 (even up to 70%). Linseed oil effectively moisturises hair, protects against dryness of hair ends. While for softness and elasticity is responsible Tahitian Gardenia oil, that at the same time prevents frizz and dryness. Rose oil takes care of young appearance of hair.

In creamy oil can be found also quite a lot of coconut oil. It has protective and nourishing properties as well as prevents brittleness and split ends. This oil will protect hair against high temperatures.

Oil in cream has tube with volume of 150 ml/5.1 oz. Cream (oil?) locked in a tube is quite runny and you have to be careful not to spill it right after opening. Especially because the tube is made of soft and elastic plastic. Even the smallest pressure causes cream to spring from the tube. When using it for the first time, you can be quite surprised by the amount of product pouring on to the hand. Oil in cream would work much better if placed in a bottle with a pump. Then application would be easy and simple.

Oil conditioner L’Oreal has plenty uses – it can be applied on wet hair as a leave-in conditioner, as a hair mask before hair wash or just as a conditioning balm on dry hair. The smell is quite uncommon – strong and intense, but fortunately it evaporates after some time.

Is oil in cream better solution than its liquid form? For sure it is a product frequently chosen by women who do not like greasy form of oil. However, it will not penetrate hair the way traditional oils do. Cosmetic from L’Oreal can be great complementation of hair care or alternative for hair balms.

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