How to get rid of dry skin?

dry skinDry skin patches usually occur when your skin is sensitive and delicate. Not only they look displeasing and ruin the outcome of your make up but also interfere in the application of the primer or self-tanner. If you also struggle with such problems, try out these easy ways to make your skin look smooth and pretty.

First of all, gently wash your face. This is the first stage when dry patches are being created. It is all connected with using inappropriate products. Even natural soaps can cause irritations. What is more, your skin gets more damaged if you wash or exfoliate it too often. In the morning, it is enough if you only wipe your skin with a cotton pad soaked in a toner, hydrolate or oil. However, for your evening routine, use so called soap without soap or pharmaceutical products. Creams, serums, toners, should always be applied onto a wet face or straight after washing it. Thanks to this, your skin will stay moisturised and will be protected with an oil coating.

Moisturising or oiling creams will be the best remedy for problems with dry facial skin.  It is important that the cream is appropriate for your skin type and fulfills its needs. Make sure to take a closer look on the ingredients listed on the labels of the products. Some of them may contain a lot of different drying or causing irritations substances. Apply a considerable amount of you facial cream onto the places where your dry patches are likely to appear. Moisturising facial masks will be very helpful when fighting with dryness of the skin. The key is to use them regularly. What is more, you can produce some of them at home, by yourselves. You can use flax seed, avocado, honey, yoghurt and cosmetic oils and create the perfect product for your type of skin.

The most important part of your skin care will be exfoliating dead skin cells. To do that, you will need scrubs or special facial masks. Remember that using coarse-grained scrub may also cause irritations. The best way to avoid them will be making sure you scrub is delicate. You can also use an enzymatic or a handmade one. The most popular home made scrub is the one made of sugar and honey. Never forget about using a good hydrating cream after each process of removing dead skin cells.

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