Body oil treatment. How to do that?

Application of balm or cosmetic butter is a classic. But have you heard of body oil treatment? If not, then it is about time to give this method a try. Do not forget to find right oils for it. Those are the one to provide and amazing effect of the treatment.

Body oil treatment is nothing more than skin massage with cosmetic oils. This type of treatment is especially helpful to people dealing with irritations, pregnant women who are subjected to stretch marks and cellulite and to those people who just value beautiful appearance and healthy skin. Body oil treatment is executed right after bath or shower, when pores are still open and can be easily reached by nourishing substances. For the treatment you will need good quality oil (best in bottle with dispenser), an old pyjamas (that can be smudged) and some time (the entire thing takes about 15 minutes).

Why is oil treatment so good?

Despite taking it for a bit weird at first, you will like application of oil on skin. You do not need to worry that your clothes or towel will be smudged or greasy. Correctly performed massage will improve absorption of the product and its nourishing ingredients. Skin will be moisturised, more elastic and smoother. Besides, cosmetic oil contains a lot of vitamins and micro elements, which penetrate deeper skin layers. For this reason, this cosmetics restore damaged epidermis, protective lipid barrier of the skin and additionally flatten wrinkles.

Which oil should you choose?

Use those of high quality with lots of nourishing ingredients and 100% original and natural. This type of products you can buy at herbalist’s shops, pharmacies or health food stores. In skin care helpful are: sweet almond oil, sesame oil, argan oil and coconut oil. Oils can be combined with cosmetic butters. Thanks to it skin will be even more moisturised, nourished and smoother. Always choose unrefined, cold pressed oils with the certificates confirming their quality and authenticity.

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