Hair Makeover. Hair Oiling Treatment

There is a reason why natural oils are so popular in hair care. They are natural extracts from plants and seeds which have one extremely important quality that no hair mask or conditioner can offer: they nourish, strengthen and regenerate not only the hair stem but also its root. In other words, they penetrate deep into the scalp and hair follicles and nourish the hair bulbs. As a result, hair is nourished: comprehensively and thoroughly, outside and (mainly) inside. The strands are repaired, protected and strengthened. They grow healthy, strong and shiny.

Natural oils can be added to shampoos and conditioners but they are usually used for hair oiling treatment. It is a comprehensive and easy to perform treatment. Regular use of natural oils gives hair strength and beautiful look.

How is hair oiling done?

1. Most of all, choose a proper oil. It cannot be a drug store serum with alcohol containing silicones and other substances which have a harmful influence on the scalp. Such products should be used as leave-in conditioners – exclusively to hair stems. The scalp won’t like such serums. Oil for hair oiling must be natural and pure. Only then is it suitable for the treatment which is supposed to strengthen hair bulbs and scalp.

2. Determine your hair type and the problem that you want to deal with. If your hair is very dry, thin and damaged, choose linseed, grape, corn or nigella oil. If your strands tend to be unruly, frizzy, a bit dull and the ends start to dry – go for argan, almond or macadamia oil. Thick hair, which dries long and absorbs water quickly, will grow healthy and be manageable if you nourish it with peanut or coconut oil. If you want to boost its growth, choose castor or amla oil.

3. You should do hair oiling when you have a lot of spare time – the longer you keep the oil, the better your hair will be nourished. Pick an oil, apply it to dry hair – make sure the scalp is covered so that the oil penetrates into the bulbs. Wrap your hair with a towel as natural oils like the heat. Leave the compress on for minimum one hour. It is advisable to leave it for the whole night and wash hair thoroughly in the morning.

4. Do the hair oiling regularly. You should do it 2-3 times a week. If you don’t have time, devote at least one evening every week for the deep regeneration.