Rejuvenating snail slime! A little bit about Orientana cosmetics

Orientana cosmeticsWe have to start with clear statement: no snail was harmed in the process of obtaining slime for Orientana creams. None of them even noticed that their mucus is gone. Obtaining this valuable ingredient takes place in a comfort conditions… it is like gathering the mud, which flakes of someone’s shoe when he or she walks. Snails are fine, well and safe.

Slime is a diverse source of collagen and elastin (responsible for youth and elasticity of skin), glycolic acid (improving thickness and firmness of skin), allantoin, which removes dead skin cells and stimulates epidermis regeneration, helps fast and effectively heal wounds, prevents ugly scars, contains plenty of vitamins and has great repair properties. On top of that, slime smoothers and makes skin more firm. Cosmetics with snail slime are often offered after plastic surgeries, because they quickly regenerate skin.

Natural cream with snail slime created by Orientana uses pure and highly concentrated slime to provide optimal effects of tone up and regeneration of epidermis.
Cream is dedicated to all skin types, moisturises and slower ageing processes of skin. It also increases its elasticity, smoothers wrinkles, provides skin with firmness and makes skin complexion even at the same time helping reduce discolourations.

Besides mentioned before snail slime, cream contains also number of active and natural ingredients helping with preservation of young appearance and supporting natural processes of skin renewal:

  • Sweet almond oil – is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins which protect skin against destructive influence of external factors.
  • Camelia oil – irreplaceable source of collagen and polyphenols, which restore skin elasticity and leave it in a good condition.
  • Punarnava extract – this valuable natural ingredient is being obtained from Himalayan plant, which is great at lightening skin and helps eliminate discolourations.
  • Shea butter – is full of fatty acids as well as so called “youth vitamins”, i.e. A, F, E – protects skin against harmful UV radiation, makes cells more active and rejuvenates them, and at the same time prevents all allergic reactions.

Cream should be used twice a day on skin of face and neck. It is perfect as a make-up base. The complementation for the treatment will be eye cream with snail slime.

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