Things your hair does not like! Tips how to use a flat iron

Tips how to use a flat iron 1Straight and sleek hair are the dream of most women. This is why the owners of curly and wavy hair will do everything to obtain such effects. If you are of them, check out how to properly use your straightening tools and how to take care of your hair at the same time.

How often do you straighten your hair? If you do it on daily basis, be careful not to weaken and harm it. Remember that inappropriate usage of the straightener can cause severe damage of your strands. Your hair will become dry, your ends will split and your hairstyle will look inelegant and less attractive. Did you know that by using a hair straightener the wrong way you can also burn your hair? If your desire is to have beautiful hair, follow the guidelines.

Prep your hair prior to the straightening process. You probably do not even realise how important this step is. You must provide your strands with appropriate care. Firstly, use a thermal protection spray to protect your hair from loosing too much moisture and creatine as well as from the heat coming form your hot straightener. There are many cosmetics that offer thermal protection, for example mists, foams or cosmetic oils. Avoiding this step can cause worsening the condition of your hair. Apply a small amount of the product to your hair and let the hair absorb it. Only hair protected like that, is ready for straightening.

High temperature damages your hair. Unfortunately, the higher the temperature the bigger damage it causes. On the other hand, hair straightening take more time when you set lower temperature. Remember that 180° is only suitable for people with thick, curly and strong hair. What is more, this temperature is only used by professional hair stylists. Keep in mind that straightening your hair too often will definitely harm, dry and seriously weaken it.

Straightening damp hair. It is another significant sin committed by many of us. Do you know that the water that is still on your hair, heats up when you tightly close your straightener? This way you make your hair burn and thus, it becomes dry, fragile dull and matte. If you really need to straighten your hair right after washing it, try out an especially designed hair straightener for wet and damp hair. That kind of flat iron has small wholes to let the water evaporate. Such a device has the special tiles that reduce the risk of damaging strands and improves styling.

If you straighten the same part of your hair a few times, you make another huge mistake. Why? It is very simple. If you expose your hair to a high temperature several times, it takes a longer period of time. This means that you cause the creatine and water from its structures evaporate much faster. It is more than enough to straighten each strand once or twice in order to obtain the desired effect. Your hairstyle will be impeccable, and the hair will stay beautiful and healthy.

Using a hair spray prior to straightening is strictly forbidden. Combining alcohol form this styling product with hot temperature can severely harm our hair. What is more, your hair will look bad, while the scalp will become oily very quickly. Use the hair spray after the styling process, then your hair will become perfectly straight.

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