Super-Easy Tricks to Touch-Up Your Make-Up During the Day!

Even if your make-up looks flawless in the morning, your face usually gets shiny and doesn’t look so well after a few hours. Don’t we all dream of make-up that looks perfect all day long? Thankfully, there are some tried and trusted tricks that keep us lovely-looking despite a hard day and hostile conditions!

Skincare tricks for better make-up

Always use a toner in your morning skincare routine to enhance the absorption of a moisturizer and make make-up cling to the skin. Additionally, a toner makes the skin less oily. Avoid skincare products based on alcohol which causes dryness. Suitable skincare products are the key to flawless, long-wear make-up.

Essentials: blotting papers

It’s good to carry blotting papers in your bag but feel free to use a tissue if you don’t have them. Whenever the face gets unhealthy shiny, press a tissue to it. This is a brilliant hack to freshen up the complexion during the day! You need to remember, though, not to rub the skin. This trick banishes excess oil without spoiling your make-up. Plus, it’s hygienic.

Another trick: cotton buds

Surprisingly, a cotton bud is a good thing to have close anytime! It fixes your make-up when the concealer creases or the mascara gets on the upper or lower eyelid. With a bud you can easily get rid of blemishes and touch up your make-up in a hygienic way.

What other things come useful for touching up your make-up?

A face mist will make your make-up look brand-new again. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use: close your eyes and spray the mist on the skin at a 15-inch distance from the face.

Last (but not least) touch-ups…

Always have a lipstick you put on in the morning in your bag. Naturally, it fades when you eat or wear a mask. It’s good to keep it close and reapply when necessary. Face concealer and loose powder are the products that also help you freshen your make-up, brilliantly adding radiance even if your day is very busy.

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