It’s going to revolutionize your skin care! Effective cosmetic tips

There are lots of cosmetic tricks which you haven’t been aware of. If you knew them, make-up or skin care would be far simpler. Read the text to find out what can be done to make some of every day actions easier.

Artificial tan

If you can’t wait for summer but you’re dying to get a suntan, try self-tanners, bronzing balms or so called spray tights. Such cosmetics even the skin colour, cover discolouration and moles. You won’t have to use sunbeds or airbrush tanning ever again. It’s worth to do an exfoliating scrub before the application of cosmetics which provide fake suntan. In this way our skin will be smooth and the application of the above products will be much easier. We must remember that we will get the effect of nice tan only when we evenly apply the self-tanner and thoroughly rub it into the skin.

Beautiful and smooth body

Chinese cups and body wrapping are great solutions for those who can’t tackle cellulite, loose skin or stretch marks. You should use moisturizng and firming cosmetics in the treatment. Both treatments improve skin condition, nourish and make it elastic. We can perform Chinese cupping massage and body wrapping at home. All we have to do is pick proper size of cups and learn about the massage techniques. Body wrapping is a complex treatment but it’s still possible to do it at home. Do the exfoliating scrub, apply a conditioning cosmetic and wrap your legs, thighs or shoulders with a food foil. In this way, the heat will be produced which accelerates skin regeneration and the absorption of nutritional ingredients.

Extend durability of perfume!

How to extend the durability of perfume? Apply a bit of petroleum jelly to your wrist, inner elbow or neck. Thanks to the trick, the perfume on your skin will last much longer and it will be more intensive. Of course it’s enough to apply a small amount of the product. Too much of petroleum jelly could smudge your clothes or needlessly make the skin oily. You will stop worrying about your favourite perfume disappearing too qucikly.

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