Pure Castor Oil: How Can It Improve Your Looks? The List of Top Castor Oil Products

Do you know which plant oil is the most commonly used for hair and skin treatments? Together with argan oil, castor oil takes a high place among best and multi-purpose cosmetic oils. It’s time to find out why castor oil is the top-choice of many and which product should be used to get the most of this amazing oil extracted from castor beans.

At first castor oil was used mainly as medicine. Until now you can buy in a pharmacy small bottles of castor oil, which are sold as a laxative. This plant oil’s health benefits go way beyond the internal use – castor oil proves itself useful for treating aching body parts to bring relief and reduce inflammations.

More interesting though are other applications of castor oil – the uses of castor oil that you can make feel better in your skin and look better.

Pure Castor Oil – On hair, skin and nails

The best thing about this plant oil is the fact that it has a positive effect on particularity every single body part. For example, it smooths out dry hand skin, strengthens brittle nails, makes hair grow faster, deals with acne and aids in eliminating dandruff. And this is just a small percentage of what castor oil is able to give you.

  • Locks water inside and reduces dryness in skin and hair.
  • Is antibacterial, removes toxins and cleanses deeply.
  • Strengthens follicles for reduced hair thinning.
  • Promotes the growth of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Leaves nails stronger, smoother and shiny.
  • Is suitable for makeup removal.

All of these become even more surprising after realizing that castor is mainly ricinoleic acid and two vitamins – A and E. Despite containing far less nutrients than for example argan oil, castor oil is incredibly effective – sometimes castor oil proves itself being even better than other plant oils. The unique quality of being water-soluble made castor oil one of the top-chosen cosmetic oils. The same property facilitates the application – take oil cleansing method, for example.

Which Castor Oil to Choose? TOP 7

Are you facing a tough decision concerning choosing the best castor oil product for hair, lash and skin treatments? Take a look at the seven top-rated plant oils, which are worth taking into consideration.

1. NANOIL CASTOR OIL – a highly recommended product, mainly because it offers a good value for money. This oil is cold-pressed and unrefined, hence nutrient-dense. In the dark glass bottle the producer hid certified, 100% organic oil extracted from castor plant beans that is perfect for treating and improving the appearance of all body parts, including lashes and brows. Nanoil castor oil maintains hydration levels in the skin and eliminates acne. Moreover, it cleanses deeply, soothes irritations and leaves skin glowing. As far as hair care goes, this top-quality oil straightens weak hair, nails and eyelashes as well as accelerates their growth and prevents damage. On top of that, Nanoil castor oil is one of the most lightweight castor oils available currently on the market – its texture that is neither too thick nor greasy eases daily application. More on nanoil.us.

Nanoil - the best castor oil

2. SATIN NATUREL CASTOR OIL – of similar quality, but definitely far more expensive, is this castor oil offered by Satin Naturel. Since this brand values natural solutions, their product is formulated only with one ingredient, which is a cold-pressed castor oil. You can use this oil to make your hair better-looking, and to condition skin, lashes and nails. When applied on a regular basis for a longer period of time, it’s expected to make your hair thicker and repaired, leave your strands stronger and help you get glowing skin. Despite being sold in two sizes, Satin Naturel castor oil isn’t widely available and easy-to-get.

3. BRIOGEO CASTOR OIL – an intriguing offering packed in a candy-like pink bottle with a pump. The packaging is what makes this product differ from the majority of similar products – it’s nothing like a regular dark glass bottle. Sadly, the price isn’t regular either, which doesn’t make this product available for everyone. However, if you decide to buy it, you can be sure that it will help you moisturize and repair skin. It’s also supposed to fix damaged hair. Since it’s cold-pressed and organic, you can use Briogeo castor oil also to lashes, brows and nails for extra conditioning.

4. JUNGLÜCK CASTOR OIL – another place is taken by castor oil whose design and the formula appears to be pretty minimalist. The dark glass bottle hides translucent and unscented oil extracted by cold pressing castor plant growing in controlled Hindu farming. The biggest drawback is its thickness, which may clog pores, especially when used in excess. However, if you combine Junglück oil with other plant oil, such blend should help you moisturize, repair, strengthen and speed up the growth of hair, lashes and weak nails.

5. ZOE AYLA CASTOR OIL – while looking for top-quality plant oil, you may come across a fairly intriguing product – Zoe Ayla castor oil. The tiny bottle is made of dark glass, which indicates that inside there is an all-natural product. And this is exactly what you get because Zoe Ayla offers cold-pressed, organic and pure oil extracted from castor plant beans. It can be applied in any way you want to, meaning that you can put it on hair, the scalp and face. You can even use it as a lash conditioner. This oil is translucent, has no aroma and is pretty lightweight so there should be no problems with applying it. 

6. AVRIL CASTOR OIL – among pure castor oils, which are often chosen for home beauty treatments, there is Avril castor oil. Bigger-than-standard size and competitive price are two positive aspects that make this product attractive to the consumers. Still, you shouldn’t ignore the quality – this quality also matters. In this case you get organic, cold-pressed and vegan castor oil that has many uses. For example, you can use it for hair oil treatment, for conditioning nails, nourishing lashes and brows, and even for beard treatments. Sadly, the producer doesn’t mention whether it’s safe to apply this castor oil directly to the skin, which is vital information for those with sensitive and hyper-reactive skin.

7. PURA D’OR CASTOR OIL – the list is closed with castor oil from Pura D’or – 100% pure, genuine and organic. Because this oil is mainly designed for lash and brow treatments, its dark bottle comes with two applicators, which in fact resemble tiny versions of lip gloss applicators. With their use, you can put the oil on lashes and brows pretty easily. Sadly, little is known about other uses of Pura D’or castor oil. However, since this product is marketed as natural, it should be suitable for skin and hair treatments.