Powerful Face-Care Masks for Super Conditioning Effect

A face-care mask is aimed at fulfilling special tasks. You shouldn’t use it only occasionally, though. Ideally, incorporate it into your skincare routine for good. It gives lots of benefits: instantly makes skin look better, improves its condition, powerfully hydrates, smoothes and adds radiance to tired faces. There’s just one condition to meet: you must customize it to your complexion.

Hydrating mask. What type of skin makes the most of it?

Dry, sallow, non-stop tired-looking skin that needs in-depth hydration. This type of complexion gets better thanks to masks based on hyaluronic acid, panthenol, natural oils, algae or aloe extract and vitamins.

Deeply-hydrating masks are thick and cream or gel-like. Note: if your skin is both dry and hypersensitive, enrich your hydrating mask with soothing substances e.g. chamomile, pot marigold or horsetail extract.

If you seek a recipe for a DIY hydrating mask for super conditioning effect, try one with avocado and honey. Mix the fruit pulp with a spoon of honey. Apply the blend onto the face and rinse with lukewarm water after 15 minutes.

Cleansing mask. What type of skin makes the most of it?

This is the best choice for oily and combination skin, blemishes, and excess oil. Do you know that you need to both normalize the sebum glands and ensure hydration if your skin is oily? Masks for this type of complexion often include cosmetic clays, like green or white clay, which abound in minerals and essential elements conditioning the skin. They have a slightly astringent and antibacterial effect, balance the oil secretion and clear the skin pores. Complexion stays fresh and oil-free long.

Masks for oily skin are often gel-like or peel-off so you can rip off any dirt, getting a smooth, clear and radiant face. They are often enriched with substances minimizing acne or post-acne marks.

A good recipe for a homemade mask for oily skin? Use a small amount of fresh yeast: mix it with 3 spoons of water, apply the pulp on the face.

Skin-plumping mask. What type of skin makes the most of it?

This mask ramps up radiance and smoothes the complexion. It’s ideal for aging skin but works for any type. There are instantly-beautifying masks you can use before a big event to get the maximum hydration and smoothness immediately.

For the anti-aging effect, seek masks rich in anti-wrinkle ingredients e.g. vitamins (A, C, E), coenzyme Q10, collagen. Natural oils are also welcome since they have a great rejuvenating effect: argan oil, macadamia nut oil, cocoa butter or shea butter.

Aging skin is usually dehydrated and needs enhancement so masks should be thick and quite creamy, for example nighttime face masks for advanced conditioning and nourishing. A face-plumping homemade mask? Mix half teaspoon of olive oil or argan oil with a few drops of lemon juice, a spoon of honey and an egg.

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