All you need to know about your skin

Did you know that skin renews itself? Every month dead skin cells make place for the new skin cells. This restoration is really important. Why? Skin protects us against pollution and viruses. Of course, we have to help it a little bit. How should you do that? Try healthy diet, tested cosmetics and sports on the fresh air.

To know how to take care of skin, you need to know her structure. So, skin is made of few layers. The most external one is called epidermis and has a protective role. That is where the skin pigments are present – melanin is responsible for colour of skin and hair. Next layer is a dermis. There are placed glands, nerves and blood vessels. Under this layer is hypodermis, which fulfils thermoregulation function. While performing peeling or using intensively working cosmetics, you have to be aware that their ingredients will influence more than just external layer of skin. Think of that: even foundation penetrates epidermis and reaches sebaceous glands and dermis. Clogging them results with acne and irritations.

skin-care.jpgWould you believe if we told you that wrinkles can “say” a lot about your health condition? Lines on face appear because of decrease of collagen level. The same type of collagen is present in bones. If your skin is covered with wrinkles, you should do some tests to rule out osteoporosis and other conditions related to bones. Troubles with blood pressure can have ladies whose face lost firmness. Wrinkles can be also a symptom for low elastin level or… sleep depravation. It is because, during the night, both collagen and elastin are being restored.

Other imperfections can also say a lot about your health. Discolourations, scars, acne. Their shape, size and area they appear on skin can suggest more or less serious diseases. In skin care and healing of skin use good quality cosmetics and pharmacy preparations. Helpful may be herbs or natural ingredients. If your skin problems are severe and worry you for a longer period of time, you should pay a visit to a dermatologist. The doctor will certainly help you with your problem.

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