Eyelash enhancing serum – Reviews

“Eyelash growth serum”…

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

You think it’s too beautiful to be true?

Open your eyes – it is not a dream! Reality has gone beyond our expectations.

A high quality eyelash enhancing serum really works like a magic wand – it is going to magic up beautiful eyelashes that you have not even dreamt of.

Keep in mind, though, that not all serums are the same.

Some of them nourish the lashes and improve their condition. Other serums provide complex repair and nourishment as well as significantly boost eyelash growth. A perfect serum nurtures the eyebrows as well.

If you’re not sure which one to choose – read this ranking.

Objective analysis let us present the winner.

TOP 9 – The best eyelash enhancing serum

1# Nanolash eyelash enhancing serumnanolash-eyelash-enhancing-serum

It is an eyelash enhancing serum that is most highly praised by women. If you’re going to give your heart to some eyelash serum – choose Nanolash. We fell for the serum thanks to a beautiful bottle: elegant matt black with silver fancy writing. Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum comes in a solid bottle that protects the product from drying off. As a result, the serum is protected from the sun and oxygenation: we can be sure that we have a fresh and valuable product throughout the treatment…
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2# Revitalash eyelash enhancing serum

revitalashRevitalash serum is one of the most popular. Women often choose it as they think that since the price is so high, the serum must work better and more quickly than other products. The effect of longer lashes lasts after six months of regular treatment. It comes in various capacities so if you want to make sure that the serum doesn’t cause any irritation or allergies and you don’t want to pay a lot of money – buy the smaller version e.g. 1 ml. It is crucial because Revitalash should be applied twice a day…
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3# Lilash eyelash enhancing serum

lilashLilash eyelash enhancing serum comes in two capacities: 2 ml and 4 ml. According to the manufacturer, the smaller one lasts three months whereas the bigger one – six months. It is advisable to get a larger version because you’ll be in the middle of the treatment after 3 months. Lilash serum has a very high price when we consider the amount of the product. The silver bottle has an artistic black writing. Lilash is packed in a violet and turkois box…
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4# Quickmax eyelash enhancing serum

quickmaxQuickmax eyelash enhancing serum comes in a golden cardboard box with a leaflet, application instructions and list of contraindications. Nice and golden bottle holds 5 ml of the serum. It is enough for the whole treatment because its main task is making the lashes darker and stronger. It is excellent in fulfilling this role. Quickmax serum has a light gel formula – it is absorbed more slowly (more or less 5 minutes) but it doesn’t drip off the eyelids…
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5# Rapidlash eyelash enhancing serum

rapidlashRapidlash eyelash enhancing serum comes in a 3 ml silver bottle. It is neat and aesthetic. The manufacturer added a large box with instructions on use and list if contraindications. The formula allows to nourish the lashes and strengthen the bulbs. If you use Rapidlash eyelash enhancer regularly, it darkens and curls the eyelashes – delivers the effect provided by a curling mascara. You notice first effects after more or less 3 weeks…
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6# Prolash eyelash enhancing serum

prolashProlash bottle is unusual – clear and quite big. You can see yellow semi-fluid substance inside the bottle so it is possible to check how much is left. The producer has shown the content of the bottle but there is a downside of such a solution. This colourless bottle fails to shield the enhancer from the sunlight and going off. Therefore, we should keep it in a cardboard box or dark make-up bag. Prolash eyelash serum is based on delicate natural ingredients…
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7# Grandelash eyelash enhancing serum

grandelash-serumThe name of Grandelash eyelash enhancing serum is a bit misleading – its capacity is not at all grand. It is 2 ml. The product comes in a small golden bottle with red writing. This tiny bottle holds a small brush which – due to its size – requires precision during the application. Grandelash eyelash enhancing serum provides excellent action: it nourishes lash bulbs so that the lashes can grow healthy and strong. They stop falling out and gain proper moisture…
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8# Hair Plus eyelash enhancing serum

hairplus-serumHair Plus eyelash enhancing serum comes in a nice, aesthetic bottle of soft, elegant colours (black combined with white and red print). It is hidden in a black and quite large box which also contains a leaflet with the application method, the list of contraindications and possible allergic reactions. Thanks to a solid bottle and top, the serum won’t spill out. The brush is small and very flexible. You must learn how to apply the product if you want to enjoy nourished eyelashes…
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9# Feg eyelash enhancing serum

fegFeg eyelash enhancing serum comes in an aesthetic bottle. It has subtle colours (white and mint green). Its main task is stimulating eyelash growth and conditioning the lashes with natural ingredients included in the serum. The producer assures that Feg eyelash enhancing serum contains fruit and green tea extracts that nurture the lashes and lock in moisture. Sadly, there are no natural components in the serum…
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Eyelash enhancing serum – why has it become an iconic product?

What is a cosmetic breakthrough?

What makes a product iconic?

Beauty product is groundbreaking when:

  • it has changed an attitude towards beauty care
  • it has made women’s life easier and let them save money and time
  • it casts new light on the perception of beauty
  • it improves the appearance as well as boosts women’s self-confidence

Timeless mascaras possessed the above-mentioned properties. They made a breakthrough and made women’s eyelashes look spectacular.

Cosmetic industry has made a huge step ahead.

Women have gained new eyelash care possibilities in the 21st century.

Think about 50% longer and twice fuller eyelashes. It is possible without desperate eyelash extensions at a beauty salon, without the stress that they might fall out, get wet, get damaged while you’re asleep.

Think about a cosmetic – in an elegant mascara-like bottle – that is applied only once a day and makes the eyelashes healthy and thick whereas the bulbs get stronger day by day and bear healthy and mind-blowing black lashes.

What do you make of a product that nourishes both your eyelashes and eyebrows? Darker and prettier eye frame with one product… it is possible now!

This kind of eyelash care is something new. Our eyelashes and eyebrows have no easy life. They are rubbed, overburdened with mascaras. What is more, they are affected by our stressful life, toxins, poor diet and unfavourable weather conditions.

Nowadays, every woman can have spectacularly long and attractive eyelashes as well as defined and pretty eyebrows. The cosmetic industry offers lots of eyelash enhancing serums that make the lashline fuller. New tiny baby hair grows out. The lashes get darker, thicker and fuller whereas women feel more self-confident and charming. You feel that you must coat your eyelashes with a mascara to look attractive? After eyelash enhancing serum treatment you will reach our for a mascara only when you want to!